Braai Day. Jan Braai and NoMU Style.

Heritage day, or Braai Day as it is now affectionately known is almost upon us. Yes, it is less than a week away.  This year we have been getting into the spirit of things with much gusto and flair. There really is nothing better than a good Rebecca Black parody I tell you.

Now, lets be quite frank, you are not really South African if you don’t love a good braai but if you don’t have that magic braai touch NoMU is coming to the rescue. How you cry? Well, they teamed up with the Braai Master himself, Jan Braai, to create the perfect All Rounder Braai Spice.

Jan Braai’s Signature Braai Spice will be available nationwide, through a selection of general and independent retail outlets, across South Africa over the next week and beyond. It will also be available on the NoMU Online shop as of tomorrow.

There you have it, with NoMU and Jan Braai, you will have Braai down to a fine art. It’s that simple really.