See the world with Spar.

Love travelling? Check. Know how to create content that others will not only watch, but gets people talking as well? Check. Well then I have a treat for you. Say hello to the See the World With Spar competition. Think an all expense paid trip around the world. Seem fantastic? It sure is.

The initial round of See The World With Spar requires you to create an application video. This video can be anything you want it to be. Fun. Funny. Awesome. Anything that reflects you. Then it is all abour measuring how that video performs on the internet. Each view, tweet, share, comment and like generated by your video is rewarded with a certain amount of social points.

After the first round is closed the top five social scoring contestants will receive an invitation to visit the Spar headquarters. Then all that is left is one daunting interview and a fun little task to determine who will become this year’s Spar Reporter. Sound amazing? I know.

What are you waiting for? Get entering for a trip of a lifetime with Spar!

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3 thoughts on “See the world with Spar.

  1. I’m so excited about this competition that Spar has offered. It’s awesome! I’m one of the South African participants & have really been enjoying the challenge so far! You can see my entry video at #sparworldtrip.

  2. Hey folks.. ehm.. this could be seen as spam or whatever, but it’s not trying to be.. It’ll pass time for you hehe.
    I’ve signed up to this competition for Ireland, and if anyone out there would like to vote for me, I’d really appreciate it!! Really :D Cos it would, well cheesy line here ‘Mean the world to me’ if I won. Hehe


    Thanks so much again for watching even! :D
    Irish Eoghan

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