5 Gum Experience.

Stimulate your senses in the 5th dimension. 5’ is the groundbreaking new sugarfree gum from Wrigley’s that gives you a sensory experience with every chew. Packaged in a high-end envelope holding 15 individually wrapped sticks, three explosive flavours are now available in South Africa. Turbulence – a mouthwatering watermelon. Colbalt – a cooling peppermint and an Electro a tingling spearmint. Each flavour delivers a unique, long-lasting taste experience you’ve truly never had before.

The launch of the gum needed something unique. Something like projections adapted to the architecture of the buildings and the amazing 3D visual effects.

Not to mention Etienne de Crecy’s Beats ‘N’ Cubes live show. You know, the usual exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime sensory experience. The live solo concept where Etienne’s music takes form visually on stage in a giant cubic structure 6 metres wide and high, the canvas for unbelievably incredible visual projections. Etienne will be tapping into the live energy to compose an original, never-before-seen show. You know, that.

To give you a taste of the mind-blowing 5 Experience have a little peak I captured on my Nokia E7.

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